Friday, 2 March 2012

Welcome to Tigger Models

This range of large scale vac form models are made for the discerning modeller, who, has the experience and skill to manufacture parts which may not be included with the kit.  By their very nature Vac forms are basic and therefore I make no apology for the simple fact that these models are a very basic canvas's,  you the modeller are the artist and will undoubtedly do your magic to them, luckily today modellers have a vast array of aftermarket at their disposal making items is also accessible with 3D printing too.
Direct contact is to

There current list of available models is growing all the time with new kits added and some that are now available as injection kits removed.
You will also need to know that as lots of these models were from the I.D. Models range I did not inherit the plans that originally went with them, therefore, you will need to find suitable plans and decals although with today's computers it is not difficult to scale up a set of decals or have a set of custom made masks made. Most of the kits are vac formed over male patterns and where appropriate there will be clear parts included. I am always willing to sell parts of the models or replacement parts including clear parts should you need them for older projects, just ask and I will do the best deal i can for you.

My reputation is sound and you can buy with confidence. I have over 1400 feedback on ebay all positive and although I work full time I will always try to get orders filled and out within a short time span.

Some of the enclosed images have been taken from the web and are the built model. Some are from the collection of Larry Hawkins RIP.
Tigger Models
Today I have secured the items that will enable me to re introduce another one of the original ID models kits and that is the Defiant so this will take priority and I should have her ready soon.

Currently available all 1/32 

Unfortunately due to the ever increasing price of plastic I have had no option but to increase prices although I have kept them to minimal 2015. Inevitable increases will happen in the future depending upon the price of oil, the raw material of plastic of course. 

Please understand that the images of the built models are from my customers worldwide.
All prices are in pounds sterling!
01. BAe Jaguar GR1 £30.00

02. Saab J-29 Tunan (straight wing) £27.50

03. Fiat G-91 R3 £30.00

04. Yak -3 £20.00

05. Handley Page Hampden £39.00

06. Grumman S-2 Tracker £45.00

07. Lockheed Hudson £39.00

See the model under construction at 

Built by Arthur

08. F-89 Scorpion £40.00

09. F-2h Banshee £30.00

10. Gloucester Meteor F-8 £30.00

 Recent work of Arthur  

11. Westland Wyvern £30.00

12. XFY-1 Pogo £30.00

13. F-94c Starfire conversion for Czech T-33 £20.00

14. Sea Harrier FRS1 conversion for Revell Harrier GR1 £10.00

15. Harrier T4 conversion for Revell Harrier Gr1 £15.00

16. Aero L-39 Albatros £29.00

17. P-82 Twin Mustang £39.00

18. KI-45 £35.00

19. F-84 Thunderjet £28.00

20. F-7U Cutlass £39.00

21.  Shorts Sunderland Special order £85.00

22. Catalina Special order £85.00

23. E-2 Hawkeye Special order £59.00

25. Dornier Do-335 £39.00

27. B-17 Special order £85.00

For an in progress build see 

28. Grumman Tracer £55.00

29. KI-46 Dina £35.00

30. Lockheed Super constellation Special order £85.00

31. F-86 d conversion £23.00

Here is a recent build by Arthur  

32. Stirling Special order £85.00

33. B-29 Special order £85.00

34. Fj fury conversion £23.00

35. Skyraider £35.00

36. T-2 Buckeye£29.00

37. SM-79 £39.00

38. Canberra £55.00

39. Grumman Cougar £30.00

40. A-26 Invader £50.00

41. Do-217 £50.00

42. Do-217 NI £50.00

43. Arado 234b Special order £50.00

44. B-24 Liberator Special order £85.00

45. Douglas Skynight £35.00

46. He 219 £45.00

47. Ta-154 £35.00

48. Jet Provost T4 £30.00

49. Jet Provost T5/ Strikemaster £30.00

50. RF-8 fuselage conversion £15.00

51. Gloucester Gladiator £30.00

52. Fokker DXXI £30.00

53. De Havilland Vampire £30.00 

Latest build of the Vampire by Mike Mathieu of Canada (the model is converted from the base kit to the Canadian F.3 by Mike)

54. Bristol Beaufort £39.00

55. De Havilland Chipmunk £25.00

56. Hawker Hart £30.00

57. Bolton Paul Defiant £34.00

58. Westland Whirlwind £35.00

59. Me 263  £20.00

60. Tigercat  £39.00

61 TA-7 conversion new fuselage and canopies to convert Trumpeters kit £30.00

62.F-11F Tiger £39.00

63. SU-15 Flaggon £45.00

64. HS125 £45.00

65. venom single seat conversion £15.00 for the matchbox Sea Venom

66.bv155 £30.00

67RF-84f swept wing fighter £30.00

68. RF-84f photo recon version swept wing £30.00

69. HE -51 £30.00

70. F-5 two seat conversion £15.00

Will need an ear,y f-5 such as the belcher models conversion.

71. Hawk 200 conversion  £15.00

72. B-58 Hustler £70.00

73. Fairy Ganett £39.00 

Firefly £45.00

Sea Vixen £45.00 

P-3 Orion £60.00 Special order

Here is a recent completed model by Gil Hod, with some links to his full buildges

B-52 £75 Special order

B-47 £50 Special order

RB-57 Canberra wings £22.50

Lockheed Neptune £45.00

Firefly £45


Hawker Siddley HS748 £15.00

coming very soon
all 1/32

In development
Shorts Tuccano
Antonov AN-2

DH Hornet
Grumman Guardian

Me 262

Ordering is simple and easy. I accept the following methods of payment Paypal £ cash $ Cash, £ postal orders and cheques, I now accept direct bank transfer in pounds sterling. Just email me directly at then tell me where you are in the world. I will then reply with a price of postage which is depending upon where you are either with Royal Mail First class small packet, Parcel Force worldwide air mail . I only ask the actual price of postage at the time of purchase . I have recently signed up to DHL for international delivery, however, their prices are actually very close to Royal Mail. I will of course continue to try to find an alternative and keep this web blog up dated .

Special order means I have to sub contract and this could take up to a month to get the model delivered to me although I often to keep at least one on stock.

contact directly at


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  2. Hi Guy feel free to contact me directly at

  3. Hi

    I'm interested in your De Haviland Vampire 1/32.

    Would you buy 8 pieces. Live in Switzerland, you can tell me what the cost and how the delivery time is.


    1. Hi Andi
      Please email me directly at

  4. Is there clear parts that come with the Short Sunderland?

  5. Hi,
    I am interested in buying the P3, the shorts sunderland and the neptune if it is in the 1/48 scale.
    I live in portugal and I need to know how to buy and shipping costs.

  6. You still selling these kits?

  7. Hi,

    I'm interested in your Ki-46 Dinah and would kindly ask for a photo, or please tell me which mark Dinah it is?



  8. Have you ever considered casting vehicle bodies in 1/35th scale? You could make crumpled or crushed cars, trucks or even buses, for dioramas.

    1. Sorry not something I will be planning to do I have plenty enough to do with the vac forms.

  9. Not anything to do with the modelling.

  10. Do you have clear and detail parts for the P-3 Orion?

  11. Looking forward to that F111...

  12. Replies
    1. yes I have one in stock Please see my facebook page with new prices as I cannot update this page at present.

  13. hi there is there clear parts for the Bristol Beaufort and do i need to buy the revel 1/32 scale Bristol Beaufort as well and how do i pay for this a were do i send payment to many thanks from john

  14. Hiya how do I get hold of you and how do I order your models

  15. Can I order items via this medium /

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